Signs of Childhood Trauma as an Adult

  • 10th November 2023
  • soulmatics12
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Living a well-settled life, the agony of unknown days still troubling you. Everything is fine, but you face challenges while committing to your partner. You can’t stop, but keep grappling with trust issues, mood swings, and lack of confidence for no reason at all. Maybe you caught yourself getting unreasonably upset with your partner or children or finding it hard to connect with them? Perhaps you see yourself struggling with interpersonal relationships with your bosses or colleagues? 

It could be a sign of childhood trauma or also commonly known as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) if you relate to any of this. The unresolved issues from the past sometimes present itself through the way we relate to the people around us. But before jumping on the how-to-heal-from-this, let’s first understand what it looks like.

childhood trauma

What is it?

Childhood trauma/stresses or ACEs refer to prolonged exposure to distressing or harmful experiences during the initial years of life. The abuse could be physical, emotional, or sexual, leaving a long-lasting negative impact on a child’s mind. 

Apart from abuse, experiences of negligence and neglect from caregivers 

For instance, children who grow up in an abusive environment or witness violent behaviour at home may develop specific issues that take the form of PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) when unaddressed. Commonly, such early developmental negative experiences are also known as Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD)

These causes lead to various emotional, physical, and psychological changes in adulthood. 

However, the symptoms are hard to decode for an average person on their own. Simply because life turns drastically different, they consciously forget past events. Their busy and hustling routines leave no time to think and retrospect, which is a major cause many are unaware of the symptoms of childhood trauma in adults.

That’s why we’ve listed some common signs that can help you better understand the scope of childhood trauma and if you are suffering from it–

  • Experiencing intense mood swings every day, i.e. Emotional Dysregulation
  • Having self-doubts & low self-esteem
  • Difficulty with interpersonal relationship. Having fear of abandonment and trust issues while engaging in relationships.
  • Feeling anxious and depressed without any reason
  • Self-destructive behavior like substance abuse or suicidal thoughts

(The above is a list of examples ACEs may present itself in adulthood. The list is inexhaustive.) 

Looking for support in Singapore?

Sometimes, it is difficult to tend to your own wound. Healing does require time and demands patience on your end and a little support can go a long way. 

As experienced trauma therapists in Singapore, let us journey with you in your healing process to support you in making sense of the struggles you experienced from the past 

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