“Soulmatics” was derived from the word “somatic”. The term “somatic”  means “body” in Greek. Accessing the body is also a gateway to enter into the spiritual and transcendent self. Hence, “Soulmatics”.

The design of Soulmatics’ logo was influenced by the “stream of life” analogy by the founder of Somatic Experiencing – Dr. Peter Levine. The curvature of the stream is illustrated by the strokes in blue and brown, representing flow and groundedness respectively. The process of body-oriented work may seem mystifying at times as illustrated by the alphabet “S” in transparent grey. The globe-liked encasement represents the holistic and well-rounded approaches that Soulmatics provides. 

Soulmatics recognises the importance of the mind-body integration in each person. We do this through the values which we hold especially close to our hearts – Mindfulness, Inclusion and Kindness; creating a mindful and inclusive space through kindness in our work with each client.

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