Hi, I am Dominica. Some years ago, I made a career switch from a musician to become a psychotherapist. In my search to live more authentically, I began my own healing journey. It is my deepest desire to help others to live a more embodied life after having experienced mine.

I started counselling as a mentor for youths-at-risk and their families with histories of abuse and neglect since 2013. I have an array of experiences working with individuals, couples and families from all walks of life in the healthcare and social services sector. I also conduct regular group therapy sessions such as Tension/Trauma Release Exercises (TRE), cancer support groups and psycho-educational talks for the community at large. 

In therapy, I take a person-centred somatic based approach as my primary modality, interweaving aspects of talk therapy approaches such as CBT and Narrative Therapy as well. I take a personal interest in supporting individuals who suffer from psycho-somatic symptoms (i.e: migraine, sleeplessness, chronic pain, etc), anxiety, depression and mood dysregulation caused by shocked or developmental traumas. I have also supported individuals who are journeying through grief (i.e: losses, divorce, transitions) and experiencing difficulties in their work, relationships and health.

Professionally, I have a Master of Social Science in Counselling and am a Registered Clinical Member of the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC). I am also an active clinical & somatic member of the USABP (US Association of Body Psychotherapy). I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), a Certified TRE provider and an EMDR practitioner. I actively assist in Somatic Experiencing trainings locally and internationally. Currently, I am pursuing NeuroAffective Touch (NATouch) by Dr. Aline Lapierre.

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