Redirecting Anger: Expert Tips To Regulate in Tense Moments

  • 7th July 2023
  • soulmatics12
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Anger is usually associated as something negative in most cultures and practices. 

What do you understand about anger? What exactly is it? Is it an emotion or a behaviour? In practice, anger is a natural emotion that can occur whenever someone experiences something threatening. Other reactions, such as fear, loneliness, failure, sadness, and rejection, can also surface.

In such scenarios, emotions can harm one’s relationships, hinder decision-making, leading to further losses. It can also affect sleep quality, life, and overall well-being. Accumulated and repressed anger can also have detrimental effects on the body.

In 2015, a national survey report indicated that Americans experienced poorly controlled, intense, inappropriate anger – a more common problem for adult males. So, managing anger is vital for leading a healthy and peaceful life. With anxiety counselling in Singapore, learn how to regulate anger through practical methods and develop a more harmonious and peaceful life.

Regulating Anger: An Overview

The term “regulating anger” is tricky because many skills are involved. With the right regulation tips, it can be easy to anticipate symptoms related to anger and regulate anger healthily.

Regulating anger seeks to express needs and identify signs of anger in the early period while maintaining within one’s window of tolerance. That does not mean that you should avoid or hold back your feelings. Skills are obtained in handling anger; the ability to regulate anger varies from person to person. Learning to express anger healthily takes dedication, patience, and time.

If you are dealing with serious anger problems that adversely affect your relationships, address them immediately. It is advisable for you to explore such concern by seeking counselling from a mental health specialist.

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3 Tips To Regulate Your Anger Before It Overwhelms You

If you’re interested in learning how to regulate anger on your own, check out the helpful tips below:

Identify Your Triggers

The first step you can take is to identify the triggers of recurring situations that bring up your anger. Assessing these changes and patterns helps gain the power to predict dangerous anger-inducing situations proactively. By specifying your initial triggers, you’ll better manage your attitudes, create coping strategies, and seek help before anger becomes a severe problem.

This acknowledgment can also help prepare for challenging situations with the biggest composure. You can also make conscious choices to make a balance between your emotions. With a Singapore therapist, you will learn how to handle and identify the triggers.

Share Your Feelings

When you are feeling angry, it is important to recognise your emotions truthfully. Many times, we deny the presentation of this emotion by responding passively or sarcastically.  Suppressed anger can lead to tension and occasionally, the emergence of somatic symptoms. Handling the emotion of anger on your own can be difficult, seeking professional support to make sense of your feelings can be helpful in such times. 

Confide in someone you can trust and feel safe with. It could be a family member or a trained therapist. In doing so, it enables you to release the pent-up emotions of anger. In addition, you can unload the burden of anger and create space to understand, improve, and find healthy ways to regulate and address your feelings.

Engage In Physical Activities

Movement and physical activities are wonderful methods to regulate feelings of anger healthily. Engaging in physical activities is an excellent way to regain emotional balance and to relieve stress. Exercise or physical activity is a healthy outlet to discharge your intense anger-related energy into positive ones. 

So, get up and start moving! 😉

Seek Help From an Expert

Exploring the emotion of anger alone can be tough. Having the support of a trained professional can help ease that process. 

Reach out to Soulmatics today and arrange for a free introductory call to learn more about how psychotherapy and counselling can aid you in learning to regulate your feelings of anger. Contact us via WhatsApp at +65 8851 0439 or simply drop us an email at

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