5 Simple Steps For Regulation

  • 8th November 2023
  • soulmatics12
  • 2 min read

Sometimes, we all find ourselves in moments of worry, nervousness, and unease. Such feelings interfere with our daily lives and cause us to experience distress and loss a sense of control.

People often benefit from the use of these 5 simple steps. These strategies are generally helpful for individuals experiencing symptoms of trauma and stress, so keep these in mind the next time you feel a little on edge.

  • Slow Down

Take a pause from what you are doing and slow down. Slow down the way you walk, slow down the speed of your speech, slow down your eating pace, etc. Try slowing down whatever you are doing and notice what do you experience. 

  • Connect with your body

Try changing your postures, the way you are sitting or standing. Perhaps bring your awareness to your breath. You can try moving your joints too. How does connecting with your body make you feel?

  • Orienting

Gently allow your eyes to look around. Spot for things that are in your favourite colours! Take a visual break and look for things that bring comfort to your eyes. And as you do that, what do you experience in your body?

  • Pendulate

Identify a point of comfort and discomfort within yourself. Allow yourself to shift between points of discomfort and comfort. Try it, bring your attention to comfort then slowly bring your attention to discomfort, thereafter, shift your attention slowly back to comfort again. [comfort – discomfort – comfort]

  • Engage

Socialising with friends and family can sometimes ease discomfort. It will help you foster laughter and combat your aloneness.


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